Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome 2011

I couldn't think of a fun title today. It was my first day back at work after a glorious extended vacation and it kicked the crud out of me. 

We had a whirlwind Christmas and I'll post pictures soon (hopefully), but for now I want to update on what Ellie has been doing.  It is hard to believe she is almost 18 months!

Her speech is really good.  She doesn't chatter constantly, but when she does talk, she has a great vocabulary and speaks very clearly for her age.  She's graduated from "Melmo" into the real deal "Elmo"  some of her recent favorite words are cookies, cracker, open, close, up, down, blue, yellow, elbow, gramma, colors (crayons) and "oooh nooo"

She is quite the adventurous climber.  We had to move our couch so she doesn't climb up and over and then down a whole flight of stairs. She gets "time out" for climbing, biting, and smacking Odie.  She'll even put herself into time out if I tell her to get down from the chair.  She goes in the corner, turns to face the corner for all of 2 seconds and then turns back around and says "aaallll done."  So cute!

Our daycare encouraged us to start potty training so that she can move up to the next room.  We haven't really pushed things, but did get the potty chair out.  She'll sit on it for a moment, say "AHHH", and get up, close the lid, and say "bye bye" to the seat while waving.  So cute!

Anyone try the 3 day method???

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  1. Rachel - We did the potty training fast track method and it worked really within a week. The book that we used was Potty Training in Less than a Day -

    Totally written in the 70's but it worked for Mark's aunt waaaay back then and his cousin used it so after ill-fated attempts we decided to give it a shot. Our library had it and we both read it. It took Alison roughly about a week to get the full hang of things but if you're patient and BOTH on the same page and have a weekend to devote to it, its worth a shot. Mark wrote up notes on it as a cheat sheet guide and I would be more than willing to email those to you if you'd like.

    I'm not saying it would work for everyone but it worked for us. And I know from experience that after a while, sometimes things just have to be taken to the next level and that's what it took for Alison to finally not be "lazy" about going potty. Best of luck and enjoy all of her little-ness while you can!!!:)