Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Way too grown up

I've been a blog slacker lately.  I've had this post partially written over a month ago but wanted to include a picture. Well, there isn't going to be a picture!  I could blame it on the pregnancy or maybe I really am a slacker.

Here are some things Ellie is up to.  I can't believe my baby turns 2 in a few short weeks!

Insists on wearing sunglasses all the time
Loves to go to the park and swing and play on slides - she could swing for hours
Bumps into me and says "excuse me"
Walks into the room and says "hello, hiiii"
Grabs a few purses and anything she can carry and leaves the room saying "bye, buh-bye"
Says "give kisses" and then lays on a big smooch
Says "drive safe" before I leave in the morning
Says "good-night, love you, bye bye" before bed
Loves to play with her friend Katie and says "Katie FRIEND"
Puts animals to bed with kitchen towels and pot holders
Rocks bath toys to sleep with paper towel
Patting the ground next to her and saying "sit momma sit"
Growls people's names
Says Sorry Mommy - at usually at the right times
Counts to 10 so softly and cute
Throw tantrums when we're out so in public
Yells at herself for climbing on things
Likes to dance - loves a little hard rock!
Says "Daddy says... Go TIGERS!"
Says "No thats mine!"
Doesn't love to share
Warms up to people in about 10 minutes
Peed in the potty a few months ago
Doesn't like the potty anymore - says she'd rather pee in the tub and then she does!

I could go on and on! She amazes me every day with how smart she is (yes, I'm biased) and her excitement of life is so contagious!  Big kisses sweet girl!