Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kyla - 3.5 months

We can't believe our baby is 3.5 months!  She is such a good little (big) baby. Happy - cheerful - always smiling! We are at a really good place where Ellie is mostly loving having a sister and Kyla is happy hanging out watching the world go by and not needing to be held all of the time. I have time to occasionally breath! Unlike her sister at this age, Kyla is always smiling which make my second job as a momtographer very easy. I used to spend all day trying to get Ellie to smile and hold it long enough to just get ONE decent photograph. I can accomplish the same task in 2 minutes with Kyla. I'm going to have a lot of fun with outdoor photoshoots this spring!  Here are some super interesting facts about Kyla right now :)
  • Very long (wears some 6 month clothes but 9 month fits her best)
  • Likes tummy time more and more every day
  • Loves watching her big sister
  • ALWAYS smiling
  • Already has her two bottom teeth
  • Chats a lot - mostly happy squeels
  • Laughs very hard while giving eskimo kisses
  • Almost rolling over front to back
  • Loves sitting and looking around
  • Likes to stand
  • Eats lots of small, frequent meals during the day
  • Still takes short naps (20-40 min) during the day