Sunday, January 24, 2010

6.2 months

Wowzers, I can't keep up with this thing anymore. Apologies to my faithful readers, whoever you are! I hate to disappoint. I can't believe my baby turned 6 months on the 13th. She is just so much fun. Her new trick is rolling across the floor, landing on the wood section, and ending with a scream. She doesn't do this very often and is very content to lay on her back playing with toys. She's not sitting up yet, but i think it is more that she chooses not to. =) She also makes a cute new pucker/fishy face, and says BOB BOB BOB while sucking in her lips. She loves her jumperoo and takes baby hops while playing with toys. We aren't supposed to start solids (except cereal) until the next doctors appointment which is in two days, but this last week I started feeding her baby apples and pears. Shhhh, don't tell! I think she liked them. She's pretty into her rice cereal. I tried to sneak some baby oatmeal as a replacement, but she spits that right back at me.

You can really see her bottom teeth here:

We had THE BEST weekend. On Saturday, Scott and I went to see Brad Paisley. He is so wonderful, I think I have a crush! Not bad to look at - dorky, hot, and talented! I think he's short though. He puts on an amazing show! We also saw Miranda Lambert. I'm not as familiar with her music, so I was surprised when I recognized most of her songs. The opening to the opening act was Justin Moore, but we missed him because we had poopy service for dinner. Oh well.

On Sunday, we had Ellie's dedication at Mars. It was a really nice service, but in typical Scott/Rachel fashion, we got to the part where we had to read the covenant we wrote and Scott digs into his pockets and comes out empty handed. I panicked, but he ran out into the coat room area and came back lightning fast. Thankfully it was in his coat pocket. Whew! After the service, we hung out at our house and had cake and snacks. Ellie just loves watching her cousins goof around.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where is my floor?

Our smallish house has been overtaken with Ellie toys. She loves her exersaucer and jumperoo, though cant rotate in either very well. She can barely touch the bottom with her tip toes.

We had a rough week with her first cold. I'm not sure who started it, but Scott, myself, and Ellie have passed back and forth some kind of crud over the last few weeks. One night was pretty bad and Ellie had to sleep in her car seat in our room in order to breath.

She is still very cute and smiley! She's mixing vowels and consonants. Sometimes it sounds like she says "ut-oh" and "ma-no!" She also roars at us and loves it when we roar back at her. She wants to stand (supported) but isn't very close to sitting on her own yet. We've been having some sleep issues, but last night was great. 11ish hours in a row! We haven't gone more than 5 in a long time. In a few short days, she'll turn 6 months! It is sooo sad!

Odie is doing well. Not a single diaper incident this year! He wanted his picture in the blog, so here we are hanging out in his room, practicing the duck face.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My first play by play

3:59 - awake to screaming
4:02 - feeding away. So happy there was not a 1:00 last night
5:00 - after a few attempts, baby is back to sleeping
6:00 - Mom is asleep... ahhhh
8:30 - Awake!
8:31 - Promise myself to go to bed earlier tonight
9:00 - Beautifully hot husband makes mom breakfast: french toast and coffee. lots of coffee.
10:30 - Mom and Ellie visit Katie and Alison. Force the kids to be friends.
12:30 - Meltdown! Time to go home. the almost 6 month old runs the show!
1:05 - Home, fed, and baby napping. Big dilemma, do i nap or clean the rot that is my house?
1:15 - nap wins
1:30 - d-mit! phone rings. Mom is up. Scott is leaving to help a friend move a refrigerator
3:00 - baby is up and fed. Start the endless rotation between bouncy, jumperoo, exersaucer
4:00 - Rice cereal time baby! Party in my tummy - yeah!
4:15 - Baby seems content to sit in highchair and play. Mom runs around and starts to clean rot
4:20 - KaBOOM, there is an explosion more than likely coming from someones pants
4:21 - Pick up baby. The evidence is already showing all over the seat. Yep, it is everywhere.
4:22 - BIGGEST MESS I've ever seen. I always get the good ones. Start the wipe down.
4:24 - Still working on it. Nooo, just got on her face somehow.
4:25 - filling up the tub
4:35 - clean baby! napping baby
4:40 - pre-rinsing multiple layers of soiled mess before throwing in wash. wash on HOT
4:44 - glance at the mirror, yep it got on my face too! A quick wash will do!
4:45 - Finish cleaning, start on dinner. Enchiladas AGAIN. Thats like the 3rd time this week. What was I thinking.
6:00 - My baby, oops husband, comes home, my other baby is up. We give thanks and eat.
8:00 - Hang out, play with baby, party-party. Baby is fed and in bed.
9:00 - Watching Julie & Julia, bowl of ice cream in hand
10:00 - All the food looks AMAZING. Must make popcorn. Maybe some M&Ms
11:30 - Feel guilty for all the food consumed. Google diets involving ice cream.
12:15 - Didn't I say I was going to bed early tonight? Night folks!