Sunday, January 29, 2012


My goal was write my Christmas post sometime in January... YES!!!

Christmas was SO FUN this year. With Ellie almost being 2.5 years old, she had a blast and it was exciting to experience the magic through her.

And it was great to have a new baby to snuggle!

The fun started with Ellie's Christmas program for daycare. Here is a clip:

The week before Christmas we went to Scott's brother's house. The food was great and the cousins had a lot of fun playing with each other.

Then his extended side the next day. There were so many kiddos running around it hurt to watch them.

The night before Christmas eve, we went to Nite Lites. Ellie really enjoyed them but Kyla cried the whole time.  The next morning she was jumping in her bed asking to see more lights and talking about all of the things she saw lit up the previous night.  Nothing like elves riding on dinosaurs to get you into the Christmas spirit.  By this point she was really into Christmas music and would ask for it whenever we got in the car or when I turned on any music in the house.  She loved Jingle Bells.

On Christmas day we were supposed to go to my parents house but my dad was still recovering from the stomach flu.  We stayed at home and had a leisurely breakfast of french toast and omelet casserole.  Ellie opened her stocking gifts and presents under the tree from Santa. Her favorite gift was for baby Kyla - an alphabet caterpillar.  Good thing the baby is good at sharing right now. She actually slept through the whole event.  The rest of the day we enjoyed family time and relaxed.

The day after Christmas we braved my parents house.  We had a feast of fondue, opened gifts, ate some more, and relaxed a bit.

A few days later Scott got sick so he ended up only working one day the week between Christmas and New Years.  It was nice to have him home but it was under bad circumstances.

His birthday was on Friday and we took Ellie to daycare as one of his gifts =)  Then we took Kyla out for lunch at Noodles and tried to do a little shopping but she wasn't being cooperative. It was crazy busy anyway so we weren't too disappointed to get out in the mess. At least we had a nice lunch!

On New Years Eve, we headed to a friends house with the kids.  The kiddos played for a few hours and then we had dinner and put them to bed. Surprisingly, they were all asleep around 9 and the big kids could play some games and hang out.  We all played a new game called "The Game of Things" and laughed so hard we cried. 

It was a great end to 2011!

2.5 years

Time is flying by! Here is what our crazy little lady has been up to at 2.5 years:
  • Moved up to preschool at daycare
  • Obsessed with mustaches. Likes to put stickers over her lip.
  • Fully potty trained
  • Loves books
  • Seems sweet and quiet around new people, but don't mess with her (take her toys)
  • Speaks her mind
  • Negotiates how many minutes left until nap time
  • Negotiates how many m&ms she gets for going poop
  • Likes to poke her sister and tries to sit on her
  • Has to wear socks on her hands to go to bed
  • Changes her clothes multiple times per day
  • Full on conversations like this:
Mom: Ellie, what did you do at school today?
Ellie:  Umm, I colored. I put glue on paper. I take glitter and shake it shake shake it.

Mom: What else?
Ellie: I ride my bike. Oh and I go poopy on the potty. A BIG one too.

Mom: Wow, nice, what did you have for lunch?
Ellie: Umm, cheerios and pop (I sure hope not). Oh, and beans and peaches.

We love our happy funny little girl!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby talk

Kyla is 2 months!
She is 24" (94%)
12.5 lbs (86%)

She loves to smile and coo! She'll go on and on for about a half hour. I tried to get some clips of it today but she was mostly concerned with staring at the shiny silver camera.