Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

This video was wayyy back from a few whole weeks ago! Ellie was crawling all around, and still pretty much is. A few days ago she started walking, but now she's back to crawling where she can really move it move it...which she likes to.

First steps and other cuteness

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating goldfish off the floor

Happy 14 months big girl! In the last month...
  • Mom ate a lot of cake and her pants don't fit... ooops, this isn't about me
  • Ellie says momma, dada, ut-oh, odie, baby, bye-bye, wow, boo, and rough-rough (dog barking)
  • Ellie is down to one bottle, right before bed
  • Play date with friends
  • She LOVES seeing her mom more often - just ask her, she'll tell you
  • Throws an occasional temper tantrum complete with trashing and pelvic tilts
  • Still cautious about walking - needs to hold someones hand at all times
  • Went on vacation with the Baileys - It was so much fun! We had a camp fire, went kayaking, relaxed, ate lots of yummy food, "broke all the rules," visited the beach, rode bikes, went out for ice cream, and called poison control when she ate a pill from under the bed
  • Finally got her ear tubes after months of infection
  • Loves shopping and touching all the hanging clothes. Sometimes will go through a rack all by herself
  • Started sleeping in later - sometimes past 9!
  • Points to her nose and mouth when asked
  • Jumps on the bed
  • Jumps on momma's bed
  • Threw a birthday party for her grandma - Ellie picked the menu - lasagna, herb bread, Cesar salad, and yellow cake/chocolate frosting
  • Likes playing upside down and other rough house adventures with daddio
  • Plays peekabo around objects and enjoys being chased
  • Likes pickles - but still pretty fussy with most food
  • Loves the sponge bob theme song, but will only tolerate about 10 minutes of tv, no matter what it is.
  • Likes to stack things - usually just two high
  • Dance parties - loves the ABCs and I'm a little tea-pot
  • Screams DADA quite often - her favorite go-to word. It is nice for those occasional middle of the night scream sessions
  • Play with grampa's watch - gets sad when our watches don't perform the same way
  • Stacking her food
  • Feeding Odie
  • Brushes her own hair, then brushes everything else (my hair, odie, her stuffed dog, the rug...)
  • Laughing at... er... with her mom!

Here are a few pictures of the fun!Oh, found a goldfish on the floor - looks yummyHanging with my buds Playing with my hair brush First time in the big lake - I loved it, can't ya tell?With the family, and I'm looking at the camera!Top Model - Season 40

No more photos please