Monday, January 20, 2014

Why.. hello???

Umm, this is little awkward. So it's been a little while and there is a lot of catching up to do, like Kyla's birthday, Christmas, Fall, and most of Madelyn's life! I will start small with a manageable event like Christmas and maybe I won't wait a half a year to post again...

Christmas was SO FUN this year. Kyla was super excited about everything. Ellie was a great big sister during all of the festivities and Madelyn was calm and content for the most part.
First order of business - trying to capture a good photo for the Christmas card. This was nearly impossible. Next year I will leave it to the professionals.

The Happy Elephant Christmas Program NEVER disappoints. I LOVE it so much!!

The girls had so much fun anticipating Christmas this year. We talked a lot about the true meaning (Jesus' birthday) but all Ellie got out of it was "Jesus must really love us if we all get so many presents." We also talked about how many families don't get many presents and some families don't have very much to eat, so we shopped for Toys for Tots gifts and also shopped for a food drive. Since I don't have my act together at all, we didn't drop the toys off on time and I only remembered half of the food for the drive. Next year will be better.  

This year we let them open PJs on Christmas Eve. Trying to get a picture was again.. challenging. Thanks Kyla

Almost got it!

On Christmas Eve we made Rice Krispie treats for Santa

I woke up before everyone Christmas Day. I was relaxing in bed downstairs until I heard the pitter patter of Ellie's feet. I heard "SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME! I WAS NAUGHT BUT HE STILL CAME!!!" Too funny!

Poor third child gets bibs for Christmas!


After presents, we went to my parent's house for fondue. It was delish! We went to Scott's side a few days after Christmas for another yummy meal and more gifts. We are so blessed!!!