Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ellie speaks again

I have been MIA in blog-land for awhile but that doesn't mean my stinker has been quiet. Here are some gems from the last month or two. May not be appropriate for all ages...

Mommy: What are you doing in the trash?
Ellie: I'm lookin for Oscar (the grouch of course)
Daddy's going to get some
(No idea where she was going with that one)
I getta new baby sister at meijer
Mommy: What time is it?
Ellie: Playing time
Mommy: No, it's put your toys away time
Ellie: No, it's running time (as running away)
I have a who ha and a butt
Comes up to me and says "Hiiiiii Rachy"
I need a tissue. My boogies falling out. See?
Mommy: Did you try some green pepper?
Ellie: It don't taste good. It's nasty.
I love pancakes in my mouth.
(Going potty with arms high in the air)
Mommy: What are you doing?
Ellie: I do yoga on the potty
I toot a lollipot out my butt
(Walking past me as i pump)
Mmmmm smells like baby milk
(When I told her no about something she wanted to do)
Mommy, you are SO naughty. Get in time out!
(Arguing about whether or not she can have juice)
Mommy: You can have milk cuz I’m the mommy
Ellie: NO Juice and my name is Ellie

My songstress

This lady is extremely talented. I don't think American Idol will still be around when she is eligible but we'll figure out something else.

Showcasing another power ballad...

Extreme Roller

Here is a video of Kyla rolling over. There is a sweet surprise halfway through. Enjoy!