Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stuff my kid(s) say

  • I'd be so lonely if you weren't my mommy
  • Coversation
    • E: Do you want to play chest with me?
    • M: You mean Chess?
    • E: Yes
    • M: I'll have to learn how to play
    • E: You just need to read the construction :)

  • I want you to grow small so you can fit in my bed and take a nap with me
  • You need to shave your legs everytime you shower mommy. Ouch

At 20 months, her vocabulary has exploded. I can't even begin to list her words. She loves to sing ABCs and Wheels on the bus. It is amazing how many words of the song I can actually understand. She understands so much of what we say to her too too.  Here is just a small sampling of her words;
Mom, Dad, Paci, Ut-Oh, TV - Jake!, night night, scuse me, Ellie, Kyla, Odie, Get down Odie, Mine, No, Yah Yah (with exciting head nod), pizza, pancakes, milk, yum, cookie, book, kiss, good girl, hug, aww

Big ladies!

Here are some of the stats from the last... ??

Madelyn - 15 months
33" (98%)
25 lbs, 7 oz (92%)

Madelyn - 18 months
33.25 (89%) She was squirmin like crazy, so not sure if I trust this one!
26lbs, 4 oz (88%)

She recently had a few ear infections and weighted in around 28-29 lbs

Kyla - 3 years
37.5" (62%)
30 lbs 10 oz (49%)

Both are non-smokers

Both are TROUBLE but cutie sweetie pies <3 p="">

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kyla is TWO

Cutie Kyla is TWO! When did that happen???

We celebrated with a costume party with family and friends on her actual birthday this year. We had pizza, snacks, and dairy free, nut free, egg free cupcakes made by my mom. Ask her about that sometime.
Her teachers say she is smart and we agree! She knows colors, shapes, and animals. She knows a few letters, but we are still working on those. She loves singing ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Baa Baa Black Sheep. Her vocabulary is exploding and it is fun to hear her stories and comments like "momma is ucky" as she is pointing to my face or "more god please" after we pray. I also see her bossing, err leading kids at daycare. Usually yelling at Troy or Ethan "Troy. Get. Back. Here. Now!" She seems to gravitate towards playing with the boys. She is very rowdy and has a temper, but has a sweet and cuddly side too. She loves doing art projects and creating massive messes. She has about a 15 minute attention span.
Loves reading with sissy

Loves her babies!

Loves her daddy!
Loves having her "hair" done!
Super Kyla!
Puts up with Ellie :)

2 year stats
34.5" (69%) 26 lbs 5 oz (46%)

8 Sweet Months!

Madelyn, you are 8 months old!!!

  • You have 8 teeth! Chomp Chomp
  • Your sisters LOVE you so much (as do your mom and dad)
  • You are really sweet. You love to cuddle.
  • You like to look at books
  • You are really BIG. You are in 18 month clothes and probably weight around 22 lbs (our guess from weighing you ourselves)
  • You are starting to enjoy eating solids. It took a few months of you spitting everything out, but you officially like rice cereal, orange veggies, and green veggies. Squash is a favorite! You can occasionally pick up puffs and cheerios, but you don't like the texture yet
  • You love jumping in your jumperoo
  • Gross motor skills may be a little later for you. You just started rolling both ways. You're also working on sitting up, but you're almost there!
  • You are sleeping better. From month 1-5 was a dream (sleeping 11-12 hours!!) but then came along the months worth not mentioning :) You're back on track and only waking up once per night most nights. At least when you were waking up, you went back to sleep on your own.
  • You love talking and laughing. You get really excited when you see your mom and squawk and kick like crazy
  • You also like to look at baby dolls. You grab their faces and squeal and laugh.
  • You also love sitting in your bouncy. You kick your feet and bounce like crazy. We always strap you in now!

Here I am back at 4 months. HIII!

Big sister Kyla is helping me. What is up with the sock gloves?


5 months. Wooo HOOO


6 months. Didn't really like my cereal but I'm smiling!


For Christmas I am floating!


7 month smiles!

8 month cutie. Can you see my thighs??
 As much as part of me misses tiny squishy baby blob, it is fun to see a person and personality growing every day!

Here are a few of your stats from the past...

@ 6 months:
27.75" (Off charts)  18 lbs 5 oz (85%)

@ 4 months;
I don't know!! Can't find paperwork :)

@ 2 months
24.5" (97%)  14 lbs 13 oz (93%)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Why.. hello???

Umm, this is little awkward. So it's been a little while and there is a lot of catching up to do, like Kyla's birthday, Christmas, Fall, and most of Madelyn's life! I will start small with a manageable event like Christmas and maybe I won't wait a half a year to post again...

Christmas was SO FUN this year. Kyla was super excited about everything. Ellie was a great big sister during all of the festivities and Madelyn was calm and content for the most part.
First order of business - trying to capture a good photo for the Christmas card. This was nearly impossible. Next year I will leave it to the professionals.

The Happy Elephant Christmas Program NEVER disappoints. I LOVE it so much!!

The girls had so much fun anticipating Christmas this year. We talked a lot about the true meaning (Jesus' birthday) but all Ellie got out of it was "Jesus must really love us if we all get so many presents." We also talked about how many families don't get many presents and some families don't have very much to eat, so we shopped for Toys for Tots gifts and also shopped for a food drive. Since I don't have my act together at all, we didn't drop the toys off on time and I only remembered half of the food for the drive. Next year will be better.  

This year we let them open PJs on Christmas Eve. Trying to get a picture was again.. challenging. Thanks Kyla

Almost got it!

On Christmas Eve we made Rice Krispie treats for Santa

I woke up before everyone Christmas Day. I was relaxing in bed downstairs until I heard the pitter patter of Ellie's feet. I heard "SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME! I WAS NAUGHT BUT HE STILL CAME!!!" Too funny!

Poor third child gets bibs for Christmas!


After presents, we went to my parent's house for fondue. It was delish! We went to Scott's side a few days after Christmas for another yummy meal and more gifts. We are so blessed!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 months!

I can't believe what a dream baby Madelyn has been so far. 3 kids is definitely not easy, but she fit right in the family without tripling the chaos.

Her loves continue to be chowing and snoozing and growing. She's already outgrown some her 6 month clothes! Yikes! I decided to stop worrying about her love for sleep and just enjoy it.

We're not exactly on a schedule, especially during the day, but I put her down around 11 pm and she sleeps until anytime between 6 and 8 the next morning. She'll wake for a feeding and then go back to sleep for awhile. She still sleeps quite a bit during the day. If she doesn't wake up, I'll wake her every two to three hours to eat. Sometimes when I go wake her up, she's already awake. Just laying there and smiling.

Often I miss her because she's always sleeping so I'll pick her up and she'll just keep sleeping while I hold her. Or she'll wake up for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. She's very soothed by motion. She likes her swing and being in her car seat (as long as it is moving). She tags along on errands just fine! Since she's so easy, and since we've had a fairly cool season, we've had quite a fun summer going out and about with 3 kids in tow. Here are some of our adventures:

Festival of the arts:
This is one of my favorite summertime activities and was counting on not being able to go since I was due May 30 and festival is always first weekend in June. My early induction combined with mild weather and a good 2-week old baby made it possible.

Whitecaps game:
I got a couple of dirty (or maybe curious) looks from people for bringing such a tiny baby. But we were in the lawn section at 5 pm on a cool, cloudy day, so what is the big deal?

Kyla decided to make friends with the people in front of us so she could steal their nice chair!

The jungle bus driver said she was one of her youngest passengers!

Grand Haven State Park:
This may have been more trouble than what it was worth but I think I'm glad we attempted it. Again, it was in the evening on a cool, cloudy, night. I think Ellie and Kyla had fun! They made us buy a season pass so maybe we'll try it again!

We also take lots of walks and visit my parents to swim in their pool. When Scott isn't around on the weekends, my mom usually helps if I need to go anywhere with all 3 of them. I don't see trying this alone anytime soon if I can help it!!!

I have 3 weeks and 6 days left of maternity leave, so I'm trying to make the most of it! Dreading bringing her to daycare soon! The other two I don't mind -ha! Also wondering how to fit work into an extremely chaotic tired life! We'll figure it out! Lots of exclamation marks!