Sunday, January 13, 2013

I win - for now

Kyla is my child to put to bed and Ellie is Scott's responsibility. I won't even get into the process Ellie goes through, but I would like to personally thank Kyla for being such a good kiddo. Sometime around 7:45 Kyla grabs her blanket (her teeth are already brushed and she is in her jammies, she is just playing for a few minutes). She  comes out in the living room and lays down on the floor. I say "Kyla, ready for bed" and a huge smile crosses her face. She runs to her crib, points at it and says "nye-night!"  I pick her put and she beams ear to ear. She laughs. I check her diaper while she claps her hands. I lay her down and put her blanket on her while she laughs and say nye-night.  Then I go blog about it while Scott is in a two hour heated battle with Ellie :)