Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Lady with many Faces

You think you can get away with this?
Think again

I spit on you and your cute hat
Take me for a walk or else
Thumbs up! Thanks Maaaah
Ohhh, I am adorable
Whoa, bumpy ride

I'm going to sleep here. G'Night!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear Mom & Dad,

Please stop wasting your hard earned money on toys. Give me an empty box or a smelly foot any day.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Giggle Basket

Lots of recent cute developments in her 7th month!
  • Clapping! She'll clap on her own and back at you if you start it
  • She often waves, but we're not sure if she knows what she's doing
  • More mobility - scoots backwards and turns around very well
  • Performs planks - just to make mom jealous
  • Chatter box - lots of da-das and many other noises that sound like Odie, icecream, and good-day
  • Teeth - she is on tooth #8 (bottom right). The top 4 came in over the last few weeks. What a nightmare!
  • Shows her displeasure more often and with increasing volume
  • Gets really excited when we walk in the room
  • Laughs hysterically at Odie.
  • Blows food on her mom - especially green beans
  • First ear infection
  • Still loves bath time
  • Makes motorboat noises
  • Makes garbage disposal noises
  • Makes kissy noises
  • Sits unassisted
  • Not eating bottles well - too many places to go and things to see
DA DA your hair is greasy

Love ya even though you stink
I'm sooo cute