Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't mean to brag

But we have the cutest little lady in the world.  Check these out:

Playing with leaves

Such a pretty coat!

and a pretty girl

Whoz #1??

Playing at FM Garden's Children's Park

Close up of pumkin

Ellie had her 15 month appointment yesterday.  The doctor said she is very smart! I type this as I pull an electric cord from the laptop out of her mouth. She is also on her way to top model. 31 3/4" and 25 lbs.  85% for height and 45% for weight.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poor Dad and Ellie.. and Mom!

This is the kind of week that should end with a blendy drink or nice glass of wine. Or maybe both. On Monday, Scott was complaining of pain.  He had some weird marks on his stomach, so I urged him to go to the doctor. Thankfully he listened, because the doc said he has SHINGLES!  Thats right, my old man husband who is falling apart has shingles.  So grandpa is out of commission to help with Ellie.  Ellie was scheduled to get her chicken pox vaccine next week so I marveled at the crazy timing.  I called her pediatrician first thing in the morning and they let me take her in early to get the vaccine.  Hopefully it will keep her from getting it, but I'm still keeping her away from grandpa for awhile.  So I'm singlemommying it for awhile - no big deal except this morning my wake up call is Ellie and she and her crib are covered with puke.  The chunky kind too.  So off goes the bedding and clothes and mattress pad and blanket and stuffed bunny and in goes Ellie into the bathwater.  After everyone is cleaned up, I try to give Ellie some water and toast.  Out goes the barfy again. We change outfits a second time and I skip the bath - had to make sure it was all out for awhile.  I decided Scott had slept long enough and woke him up for moral support. About an hour later, it comes out the other end.  The diaper was not enough to contain everything, so hopefully outfit number 3 will last at least a few hours.  The end!

-At the time of this writing, outfit number 3 is still holding strong and Ellie is on her second nap of the day!

Breaking free

Up until last weekend, Scott and I have not had an overnight stay away from Ellie. Thanks to Grandma Mars, we were able to get away for the evening. I would be lying if I said I was 100% ready or excited to go. I was getting pretty anxious the entire week leading up to the departure, but once we dropped off, it was wonderful.

We had an uneventful drive through Detroit on the way to the Milner hotel. My typical paranoid personality researched bedbugs before we left and I was ready to inspect. I investigated and everything seemed clear. The hotel was actually nicer than I expected, but definately old. The two block walk from the stadium is totally worth it. After settling in, we had pizza with our friends Dan and Beth who were also at the game. Thanks for letting us crash your anniversary dinner!

The game was fun but cold. In the first inning the twins scored 5 runs, so I was bracing for a cold, long, boring game. The tigers came back to win, but it took 14 innings. 4.5 hours! I didn't really feel the time as it was so nice to be at a game again!

The game began with a few beers. Yum!

And ended with a few cocoas. Yum!

Fireworks after the game (still at the stadium)

I slept like a baby and didn't wake up until after 9:00. We grabbed some continental fare at the hotel and hit the road. We briefly stopped at 12 oaks mall on the way home but focused most of our time at the outlet mall near Howell. We went completely overboard buying clothes for Ellie and ran out of time to look for much for ourselves. She'll be amazingly dressed this season.

What a great time away. I think we need to do this more often, maybe some place more tropical next time? ;-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mommy's away, Ellie is out to play!

So my mommy is up in Traverses City and my daddy is in the other room eating his guacamole and yelling at the TV because he can't watch the tiger's game. So I figured this would be the perfect time to sneak on here and just talk about my fun day with daddy! I helped him write a lot of captions on the photos of our afternoon together that is posted on FB! That took a while! You should check them out since there will be a all the photos seen here and many more! Anyways, back to today! It started early at 7am! He usually make mommy get up with me on the weekends, so I figured I better not let him sleep in much when it is his turn to get up! He made me a breakfast that was super yummy and then we got to play! He helped me stack blocks and knock them over, made animal sound for my squeezey toys and helped me pet Odie "gentle"! My favorite was daddy jungle gym! He would lift me up high, turn me upside down and let me crawl all over him! After my 2nd breakfast, or snack as some would say, he let me play daddy jungle gym again! I pushed my stroller around some too, but it wasn't as fun! Then a big lunch! I made a huge mess! Daddy gave me lots of food including some tasty veggies in a pasta sauce that mommy put together! It was so good! Daddy should have taken my white long sleeved shirt off first, or at least rolled up my sleeves! It just doesn't taste as good off a spoon so I had to pick it up from my tray! It is the only way to eat it! Oh, bread dipped in the sauce was good too! So 1/2 of the part of sleeve that cover my forearms turn a LOT orange...no biggie! I just dropped another present off for him so it was a good time to change me anyways! Daddy jungle gym really wore me out, so I took a great 2 hour nap!! It was wonderful! When I woke up daddy took Odie and me on a fun walk. He finally decided it was a good idea to take some pictures!! It didn't take long for us to spot a deer! It was cute and made me laugh!

It didn't want to stick around too long though. It was so much fun walking with Odie. He just kept walking next to me and stopping every 10 feet to lift his back leg. He must have had a cramp or something. He was a good boy though when we ran across another doggie! Usually he likes to whine so loud it hurts my ears and daddy has to keep pulling him back and attempt to calm him down. But this time he was able to walk up to the other doggie (who wasn't as cute as Odie) and say hello! The other doggie must not have liked him as much because he jumped at Odie and then its mommy and my daddy pulled them away from each other. So we just continued our journey to finish walking down the trail. Daddy didn't tell me we had to come back up it though! I was sad, even though I saw another deer! Then Odie and I took turns looking at the camera while daddy tried to take our picture, ha ha sucker!We ran into the same doggie again on the way back. Its mommy pulled him offto the side of the path when she saw us coming. Odie turned back into the bad doggie I know and kind of dislike! Why does he always have to sniff the other doggies and whine when he can't? Anyways, we got back up and then it was dinner time followed by my favorite thing! Play time agian! We did all kinds of things! I tried to get him to make the monkey sound some more! He tried to take our picture together as I tried to steal the camera! I rocked out with my keyboard that grandma and grandpa found that mommy and daddy left there! Then he started to make fun of my hair so I took off with my stroller! I don't need any of that! It made me hope my mommy was just hiding down stairs. :( But alas, she wasn't so back to pushing the stroller! :)

Eventually I got tired of that and figured I better pitch in an help! Well, actually Odie gave me the ideas since he was so kind to clean my hands up after dinner! So I took to cleaning the table, bakers rake, the floors and even Odie! Although he didn't like that much. :( So back to the stroller where I made my 3rd surprise of the day for daddy and he made me a bath! Ha ha!

I got the better deal there! I did have to get my ear plugs in for that...I don't like my ear plugs. :( I'm not sure what daddy did this time, but they weren't so bad! These things might not be so bad after all! :) The plugs didn't help my hair any though! I'm glad daddy eventually combed it! I started to get really sleepy after that though and rolling around on the ground messed my hair up again!
I didn't care much though because I saw daddy make me a bottle! MMMMMMM!!! Bottle!!! He made me run for it though! It so worth it in the end! They are so tasty! I was surprised he actually let me have it when I caught up to him. He usually just picks me up and then I have to set on his lap in the chair as he give me the bottle. I was so confuse though when I just got the bottle and he didn't pick me up! I didn't know what to do! I just walked over to the chair and waited to see what he would do!
I like that he rocks it as I drink my bottle and towers the end he'll hold it so I can get more sleepy! He eventually put the camera down and picked me! He could have been a little fast! Anyways, that brings me to were I am now! I just finished the bottle and he laid me down to sleep. I just waited a few minutes and hope out of my crib and I'm here on the computer now! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my day! I know it is different from what my mommy writes most of the time, but I'm only 14 almost 15 months old so cut me some slack! :) Good night!