Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poor Dad and Ellie.. and Mom!

This is the kind of week that should end with a blendy drink or nice glass of wine. Or maybe both. On Monday, Scott was complaining of pain.  He had some weird marks on his stomach, so I urged him to go to the doctor. Thankfully he listened, because the doc said he has SHINGLES!  Thats right, my old man husband who is falling apart has shingles.  So grandpa is out of commission to help with Ellie.  Ellie was scheduled to get her chicken pox vaccine next week so I marveled at the crazy timing.  I called her pediatrician first thing in the morning and they let me take her in early to get the vaccine.  Hopefully it will keep her from getting it, but I'm still keeping her away from grandpa for awhile.  So I'm singlemommying it for awhile - no big deal except this morning my wake up call is Ellie and she and her crib are covered with puke.  The chunky kind too.  So off goes the bedding and clothes and mattress pad and blanket and stuffed bunny and in goes Ellie into the bathwater.  After everyone is cleaned up, I try to give Ellie some water and toast.  Out goes the barfy again. We change outfits a second time and I skip the bath - had to make sure it was all out for awhile.  I decided Scott had slept long enough and woke him up for moral support. About an hour later, it comes out the other end.  The diaper was not enough to contain everything, so hopefully outfit number 3 will last at least a few hours.  The end!

-At the time of this writing, outfit number 3 is still holding strong and Ellie is on her second nap of the day!

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