Saturday, January 9, 2010

My first play by play

3:59 - awake to screaming
4:02 - feeding away. So happy there was not a 1:00 last night
5:00 - after a few attempts, baby is back to sleeping
6:00 - Mom is asleep... ahhhh
8:30 - Awake!
8:31 - Promise myself to go to bed earlier tonight
9:00 - Beautifully hot husband makes mom breakfast: french toast and coffee. lots of coffee.
10:30 - Mom and Ellie visit Katie and Alison. Force the kids to be friends.
12:30 - Meltdown! Time to go home. the almost 6 month old runs the show!
1:05 - Home, fed, and baby napping. Big dilemma, do i nap or clean the rot that is my house?
1:15 - nap wins
1:30 - d-mit! phone rings. Mom is up. Scott is leaving to help a friend move a refrigerator
3:00 - baby is up and fed. Start the endless rotation between bouncy, jumperoo, exersaucer
4:00 - Rice cereal time baby! Party in my tummy - yeah!
4:15 - Baby seems content to sit in highchair and play. Mom runs around and starts to clean rot
4:20 - KaBOOM, there is an explosion more than likely coming from someones pants
4:21 - Pick up baby. The evidence is already showing all over the seat. Yep, it is everywhere.
4:22 - BIGGEST MESS I've ever seen. I always get the good ones. Start the wipe down.
4:24 - Still working on it. Nooo, just got on her face somehow.
4:25 - filling up the tub
4:35 - clean baby! napping baby
4:40 - pre-rinsing multiple layers of soiled mess before throwing in wash. wash on HOT
4:44 - glance at the mirror, yep it got on my face too! A quick wash will do!
4:45 - Finish cleaning, start on dinner. Enchiladas AGAIN. Thats like the 3rd time this week. What was I thinking.
6:00 - My baby, oops husband, comes home, my other baby is up. We give thanks and eat.
8:00 - Hang out, play with baby, party-party. Baby is fed and in bed.
9:00 - Watching Julie & Julia, bowl of ice cream in hand
10:00 - All the food looks AMAZING. Must make popcorn. Maybe some M&Ms
11:30 - Feel guilty for all the food consumed. Google diets involving ice cream.
12:15 - Didn't I say I was going to bed early tonight? Night folks!

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