Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye good life

12 weeks ago, I thought my maternity leave would last forever. I clearly remember driving home on that last day of work ecstatic to meet my first born and excited for the time off. I mean, it was a whole quarter of a year! I would for sure have time to sort through drawers, organize closets, lose 40 lbs, and finally sort through those pictures from the last 10 years. Instead, I thought staring in awe at this was more worth my time!

Ellie now reaches out and looks at her own hand in awe. She's starting to put things in her mouth and interact more day by day. Sadly, she got her first cold 2 days into daycare and also stopped sleeping through the night just in time for me to really need her to sleep through the night. I am busier than ever trying to manage everything while being out of the house 50 hours per week. I have a whole new respect and heartache for working mothers! In the words of my compassionate husband "You're not the first woman to ever have to go back to work."
Peace out!

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