Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free bad dog to good or average home

Loves diapers in the nurseryAnd bringing them out to the living room too!!!

If you're looking for a new addition to the family, search no further than Mr. Odie. He does worthless tricks including rolling over and "bang bang you're dead." He's been attempting to master worthwhile obedience for the last 3 years with minimal progress. Got bras and underwear you love? He will love them too and put them in his mouth, chewing holes with tender love and care. He enjoys hot showers, thunder storms, whining uncontrollably at other dogs, play biting people, walks, and jumping on victims no matter how old or frail. You want more? He will embarrass your pants off at the dog park as he violates any willing canine. What else could you ask for? Interested parties message me!


  1. my dog started peeing on the couch and floor. three times this past week. i don't know what happened, he was being so good since we moved a few months ago. i think he knows we are leaving him for a few weeks. bad dog, indeed.

  2. Will you deliver him - and can we rename him Woody Johnson Mars?