Friday, October 16, 2009

3 months

Ellie turned 3 months old this week! She is getting to be such a big girl. She's traded in her love for the ceiling fan with her love of peek-a-boo. She smiles and laughs out loud when we make funny faces and sounds at her. Sadly, I haven't been taking too many pictures because 1. I'm too busy 2. Now she stops whatever cute she's doing to scowl at the camera. My 2nd week (but first FULL week) back to work was ok, but I'm soooo exhausted! The highlight was seeing JASON CASTRO perform in our cafe at work. Last night was my first night alone with Ellie. Scott had a sleep study at the hospital so I was on all night baby duty and she made me work for my pay. I was up with her until 1 AM and she only slept until 5 am. Tonight I'm also home alone as there was a boys poker night on the calender. I think I'm getting sick too. Booo. I am quite the disgruntled saint!


  1. Is she giving you the middle finger?

  2. She's got a secret message for her dad!

  3. Rachel,

    Don't worry about the little things - there will always be "cleaning" that needs done - enjoy you little girl.