Friday, July 15, 2011

Going to the lodge...

For Ellie's 2nd birthday, we took our first family trip as just the three of us to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.  I was a little worried how she would do, but we all had a blast.
First, isn't she just so cute? And isn't our table so messy?

We spent 2 days and 1 night, which seemed to be the perfect amount of time for her age.

Sweet, can't wait to play!
Awesome! I'm short enough to ride this ride!

Whoa, Ellie face!

Playing with Daddy
Splish Splash
Fun Stuff!

Chillin with Momma

Family Photo

Snack while watching the xtra large bucket drop - wow!
Can we take the bear home? Please?
Story Time

Momma and me

Yum Yum at the critter cafe

My parents have to comb through this every morning

And a movie of me prancing through the halls. When asked if she wants to go swimming, she says "grandma's house?"

When asked how old she is, she says "party! cake! balloons!"  We're still working on it.

When we got home (actually on her birthday) we didn't have any presents for her yet. Thankfully Grandpa Mars and Becky sent a present that arrived on her birthday so she had something to open. Thanks!!!  She got a bunch of new shirts, socks, and a xylophone.  She loves to bang on it and sing the first half of twinkle twinkle little star (how i wonder what you are).

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