Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sleep Wars Cease Fire

Ellie has always been an on again off again bad sleeper. Just when all starts going well, something else will come up that will cause her to fight sleep.  About 6 months ago, she started screaming endlessly at night. She would cry when we put her down and often cry at various times during the night. We tried both checking on her at longer and longer intervals and also cry it out.  I'm not sure what, if anything really worked but eventually she just got over it.  That lasted about a week.  Then she started a new phase where she refused to have her blanket put on her and immediately threw it out of her crib and cried for it.  It happened right when we put her to bed and during the night.  Very very loud. That's been our life for the last 2 months.  We started off going in to check on her, trying to have a rational conversation about the advantages of keeping her blanket in her crib all night, and then giving her blanket back.  She would immediately throw it out and start the process over again.  Next we delayed our visits to 10 minutes, 20, and then a half hour hoping this would be less of a fun game for her. We calmly walked in the room, said "lay down" and gave her the blanket as soon as she laid back down.  No other chit chat or smiles were exchanged.  Despite our best efforts, she still loved playing so one night I decided to be firm and let her cry it out.  2 hours later, she was still crying and I caved and got her the blanket.  I was hopeful that the next night would be different.  She apparently still wanted to play, and I didn't feel like listening for 2 hours again, so I fetched it after 15 minutes and she didn't throw it again.  We continued the 15 minute pattern for about a week. 3 nights ago, she just stopped throwing her blanket.  I really hope this is the end!!! 

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