Friday, July 15, 2011

itza baby

It is hard to believe I'm over halfway through this pregnancy! 24 weeks!  Ellie says she is very excited to be a big sister sometime around November 2, but she also thinks that everyone (male or female) has a baby in their belly so I'm pretty sure she is going to be blindsided. 

The second time around is SOOO different.  With Ellie, I was plagued with worry the whole time. Some friends at work sponsored an intervention to keep me from googling my symptoms and obsessing and crying all day at my desk. This time around, I don't think about it much. I just don't have time to worry while chasing a toddler around, trying to not mess up daily tasks and figuring out how to fit another kid in our house. 

I must have looked at pregnancy through rose colored glasses.  I was excited to go through the experience again, but now that it is here, i forgot that most of this really blows!  I was sooo pukey and tired during the first tri and and my sciatica has been driving me nuts the whole time. If I bend over, walk too little, or walk too much I can't move for days and poor scott has to kick my bum while I lay on the floor.  I also had to see a cardiologist because my heart can't keep a steady rhythm. And yes - I do have a heart!

Another HUGE difference is the sense of time. When you're waiting for your first child to come into this world, time crawls by so slowly and now all I can think of is "I need more time!" We do have a lot of house projects taking up our free time.  I should say Scott's free time because he is doing most of the work because of my sore bum.  But I think about doing the work which is also very draining.  We're moving our room downstairs to keep the kiddos on one level so we have a lot of moving and repainting. 

Anyway, while I'm being all complainy, I truly and thankful and feel very blessed to be expanding our family.  It is going to be crazy, but I can't wait!

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