Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

For her first Halloween, Ellie decided to be a giraffe! She was so cute! Last minute, Scott picked up a little devil costume for Odie. For the last 3 years, he has been a sheriff, but this year's costume is much more fitting. Every time someone came to the door, he freaked out and did his awful doggie scream which made Ellie cry for awhile. After she calmed down, someone was at the door again. It was a vicious cycle, so he ended up hanging out in his kennel until the trick or treat rush was over.

We can't believe it is already November. Ellie has been doing great at daycare. Her routine is settling down and she's been sleeping a little bit better. Now she holds her head up really well and can push up and look around while laying on her stomach. She's sooooo close to rolling over from back to front, but can't get her arm out of the way. She did it once a week ago, but it seems like it was a fluke. She's talking so much more and making buzzing sounds. She thinks it is hysterical to have her feet tickled and is especially fond of the sound "ka."

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