Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Squeaky Ellie

I haven't posted a video or anything for that matter in awhile (work has been kicking my bum). Here is a short clip of her squealing at us. She's constantly doing cute things, but they are hard to catch because she stops whenever I pull the camera out and just glares at the pretty shiny silvery square.

In other news, for the past week, Ellie has been making lots of razzing/buzzing noises. We'll even hear her make them in the middle of the night over her monitor. Soo cute, but soo drool producing. She's been very occupied by touching everything. Her favorite is her foot which she likes to hold with one hand and stroke with the other. She's making friends with Odie and laughs at him when he runs crazily all over the house. I love love love her laugh which is making more and more appearances. She's also getting ticklish, especially around her feet and neck. Sometimes I clean her neck just to hear her laugh. Here are some of our recent favorite pictures:

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