Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kyla - 18 months!


Kyla! You are the cheese ball to my ham! You may not get all of the blog updates that you sister did, but we still love you to pieces.

At 18 months
  • You are starting to talk more: Hugs, book, here-ya-go, night night, milk, raisens, bye bye, hi, mmmmwah, cracker, all done, up/down, wuv-woo, thank you, bubbles, coat, shoes, socks, poop, owie, apple, gamma (grandma)
  • Nods yes or no correctly
  • Bites her friends at school
  • Gives hugs and kisses freely  

  • Runs around like a crazy lady
  • Very tough - rarely cries when hurt
  • Climbs all over the place - no fear
  • Starting to get very attached to mommy - doesn't like to share attention at all
  • Loves smiling/laughing and generally cheesing it up
  • Likes to entertain the crowd as soon as she gets acclimated
  • Watches Ellie and wants to do EVERYTHING her big sister does
  • Puts herself in time out when Ellie is in time out
  • Pretty good eater - we are thankful as she has so many food allergies! Her current favorites are my homemade apple chicken nuggets, soy yogurt, bread dipped in olive oil, soy butter cookies, avocado, daddy's special allergy pancakes
  • Finally starting to sit and pay attention in short spurts. We can occasionally read a book and she will watch a good 10 minutes of elmo!
  • Good sleeper - sleeps from 8pm-7:30 am. 
  • Stats: 33.5" (90%) 23 lb 6 oz (57%)
I am dreading how she is going to react to being a big sister. She's a little too young to grasp the concept which may make it easier???? We shall find out!

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