Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy due date Madelyn!

Hard to believe you've been in our lives a week already! During those rough first few nights I may have wondered what it would have been like if you were still in my stomach and I was napping and sleeping the day away, but now I can't get enough of your sweet snuggles.

At your 4 day check, you already gained back your birth weight plus 4 ounces! Someone sure likes to chow. You fit in well.

You are hardly awake! Not that you slept in good stretches at first. That required the purchase of a Rock N Play. All is good for now!

Your sisters adore you, especially Ellie! She is always in your face talking to you and trying to rock you in your bouncer. Kyla shows her affection by trying to lay on top of you.

You like to snuggle with your mom!

You pooped all over the photographer of your newborn shoot and about 4 feet of her studio floor. Well played girl!

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