Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Renesmee - 8 months

Renesmee Kyla is busy busy busy. She scoots everywhere. Traditional crawling just doesn't get her to where she wants to go fast enough. She goes from crawling to sitting and just started pulling up. She babbles and we've heard tons of dadas, tons of kay-laaahs, one momma, and one hi.  She enthusiastically waves both arms and smiles all the time.  She does not like to cuddle, but likes to be held so she can get a better view of the world around her. She likes to bite my arm and shoulder. HARD. She also crawls after me and tries to bite my feet. I've learned to run. FAST. Her favorite movie is Breaking Dawn. She doesn't like to be rocked to sleep, but still rocks her snowsuit in bed. She typically wakes up once per night, but on rough nights three times isn't too surprising. We love her so much and can't believe how fast she has grown!
I vant to bite your feet!

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