Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ellie-isms are my favorite

Listen to the words of the wise

Mom: "Do you want some of my hummus?"
Ellie: "No, it tastes like bad ice cream."

Shaking her bum naked in front of the mirror after her bath...
Ellie: "I look like Aunt Joy."

One morning's random statement
Ellie: "Mommy I love you. I don't have any socks."

Mom: "Daddy is my husband."
Ellie: "No, Daddy is my favorite boy."

Background: We've been doing a lot of counting to 3 to inspire action, but she used it against us.
Ellie: "1, 2, 3 give me chocolate."

 Ellie: "Mommy, your tummy is so big."
Mom: "Thanks Ellie. Do you think there is a little brother for you in there?" (not pregnant just to clarify)
Ellie: "Nope, it is just a cookie."

While getting ready for preschool one morning
Ellie:"Ellie is cute. Mommy is cute. Kyla is cute. Daddy is a big boy."

I can't believe in just three short days my little BABY will be THREE. She has added so much spice to our lives. We should have known based on my long, hard labor, and her demeanor in the hospital (they refused to keep her in the nursery because she just screamed and screamed all night) that we might be in for a wild ride. It really has been crazy, but she brings so much joy to us on a daily basis, even with her constant testing! xoxoxox

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