Sunday, August 8, 2010

Already August

Time is going by so fast! I owe two posts catch-up posts (NC trip and family birthday party) but for now we'll stick to the present.

Ooooh, wait. One other quick catch up. At Ellie's 12 month appointment, she was 29 3/4" and 21.6 lbs. This put her in the 56% for height and 60% for weight. They MUST have been off on the height. No child of mine is that short!!!
Ellie took two steps today! It was pretty exciting. She still isn't showing a whole lot of interest in walking, but she is standing for longer and longer increments and cruising at a very fast pace.

Other cute Ellie moments include, but are not limited to:
  • Ramming her shopping cart into Odie - and laughing hysterically
  • Answering her play phone "hewwwooo gaaaama" (maybe hello grandma?)
  • Lots of blowing kisses and waving at people
  • Dancing all over the place
  • Fake laughing
  • Riding forward facing in the car seat - lots of laughing and dancing going on, better concentrate while driving moma!
  • So much animated pointing and gasping - I can't get enough of it
We also had a little separation anxiety issue for a few weeks, but it seems to be getting better. Not sure if it related to how she's been feeling...
Ellie has an appointment this week with the ENT specialist. She's basically had an infection since May that won't go away, so this is the next step. With all the pain and antibiotics, she's been a pretty good trooper. She has her moments, but overall, she's been very happy. She's even had a round of stomach flu a few weeks ago. I proudly blocked her first pukie round with my lap and legs. Didn't get a drop on the floor! Oh yea!!! I was able to get her to the sink for the rest of the sessions. I felt soooo bad for her, that was a really rough day. Thankfully Scott and myself didn't get it, but we've had our fair share of colds compliments of the daycare germ incubator.
With all the hardship, there is one thing that really cheers her up. She's had quite a few well deserved rounds!


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