Monday, August 24, 2009


I cursed our good fortune of getting sleep by writing about it last time hence the lack of posts. Ellie really likes to party at night and it is very hard to get her to calm down and sleep. Once she's down, she doesn't stay that way for long. Momma hasn't had very good rest in a few days. During the day, she's less fussy but wants to be held or entertained all day long!
On the plus side she has been smiling a lot more. It is so stinking cute when she smiles back at us. She's also cooing - not at us, but her reflection in the mirror! She's also getting very strong and keeps her head up when we hold her over our shoulders. Her vision is getting better. She is staring at people and objects and reaches out to them instead of aimlessly flailing her arms around. Last week we went to the mall with Grandma B, had lunch with some of the Z girls, and hung out with Becky. Sadly, half of my maternity leave is over. I can't believe it! :(

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