Monday, August 10, 2009

Ellie's first play date

On Saturday Alison, Terry, and Katie came over to our house for dinner and wii. Al and I had been anticipating this meeting before the girls were even born. The evening was filled with fun activities such as eating and crying. Ellie did most of the crying, but Katie filled in during the brief silent gaps. The tired parents were able to eventually eat some dinner, but the wii time was very limited. Our carefree and easy lives as we used to know it will never be the same!

Other activities for the week included walking to the Dairy Dip 3 times (HOLY!) and having a few visitors. Joelie came all the way from Colorado and it was fabulous to see her! We also saw Paul/Missy, Grandma Mars, and Aunt Joy/Uncle Ryan. I'm 99% sure Ellie smiled for the first time last night. She was very alert at the time and it lit up her whole face unlike the sleepy gassy "smiles." It made the last 4 weeks of getting screamed and frowned at all worth it. What a fun week.
Last night was a little rough. After a few nights of very good sleep (of course on Scott's turn for the night shift), Ellie was pretty excited to stay up. I don't think the stormy weather helped at all. Both kids (Ellie and Odie) were giving me lots of trouble and I didn't get much sleep. On the bright side, I think the weather helped some babies get born! Both Dan/Beth and Amy/Jordan had their babies yesterday! Still waiting for news on baby Kurtz's name. They love torturing us.

Ellie is 4 weeks old today!!!

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