Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Tuesday

The days keep flying by. Our schedule is very irregular and we're never quite sure what day it is or when our last shower or tooth brushing took place. For the most part Ellie is very peaceful during the day and then goes crazy and wants to party in the late evening. We have a few rough hours but eventually sleep with a few wake up calls in the middle of the night. If only Scott was equipped to feed, I would be a happy girl! We've had a steady stream of visitors and are enjoying every one's company. It keeps us somewhat grounded. Yesterday we took our first walk with the new stroller. Odie joined us for our walk today and barked at strangers who tried to talk to us. I had to go to the doctor's office yesterday and couldn't believe how much I missed little Ellie in that short amount of time begin gone! Each day I feel myself slowly getting back to normal, but I do miss a few things about being pregnant. I'm back to having horrible headaches, I'm cold all the time, and OJ will last a week in the fridge. Guess it's time to make another one!

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  1. Hello to Ellie from Aunt JoeLie! Welcome to the world of Rachel and Scott, beautiful girl. After less than a week, you already look like both your parents, but you are cuter than either of them! You'll have a fabulous time in their family, I promise. Even if you don't sometimes, you can always visit me to get away and I'll take you up mountains and down ski, slopes (and maybe teach you someday to compose certain "poems;" your mother can explain). You are growing up with two of the most loving, generous people, and I have no doubt you too will become a gorgeous person inside and out! Much love from Colorado...