Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stuff my kid(s) say

  • I'd be so lonely if you weren't my mommy
  • Coversation
    • E: Do you want to play chest with me?
    • M: You mean Chess?
    • E: Yes
    • M: I'll have to learn how to play
    • E: You just need to read the construction :)

  • I want you to grow small so you can fit in my bed and take a nap with me
  • You need to shave your legs everytime you shower mommy. Ouch

At 20 months, her vocabulary has exploded. I can't even begin to list her words. She loves to sing ABCs and Wheels on the bus. It is amazing how many words of the song I can actually understand. She understands so much of what we say to her too too.  Here is just a small sampling of her words;
Mom, Dad, Paci, Ut-Oh, TV - Jake!, night night, scuse me, Ellie, Kyla, Odie, Get down Odie, Mine, No, Yah Yah (with exciting head nod), pizza, pancakes, milk, yum, cookie, book, kiss, good girl, hug, aww

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