Saturday, February 1, 2014

8 Sweet Months!

Madelyn, you are 8 months old!!!

  • You have 8 teeth! Chomp Chomp
  • Your sisters LOVE you so much (as do your mom and dad)
  • You are really sweet. You love to cuddle.
  • You like to look at books
  • You are really BIG. You are in 18 month clothes and probably weight around 22 lbs (our guess from weighing you ourselves)
  • You are starting to enjoy eating solids. It took a few months of you spitting everything out, but you officially like rice cereal, orange veggies, and green veggies. Squash is a favorite! You can occasionally pick up puffs and cheerios, but you don't like the texture yet
  • You love jumping in your jumperoo
  • Gross motor skills may be a little later for you. You just started rolling both ways. You're also working on sitting up, but you're almost there!
  • You are sleeping better. From month 1-5 was a dream (sleeping 11-12 hours!!) but then came along the months worth not mentioning :) You're back on track and only waking up once per night most nights. At least when you were waking up, you went back to sleep on your own.
  • You love talking and laughing. You get really excited when you see your mom and squawk and kick like crazy
  • You also like to look at baby dolls. You grab their faces and squeal and laugh.
  • You also love sitting in your bouncy. You kick your feet and bounce like crazy. We always strap you in now!

Here I am back at 4 months. HIII!

Big sister Kyla is helping me. What is up with the sock gloves?


5 months. Wooo HOOO


6 months. Didn't really like my cereal but I'm smiling!


For Christmas I am floating!


7 month smiles!

8 month cutie. Can you see my thighs??
 As much as part of me misses tiny squishy baby blob, it is fun to see a person and personality growing every day!

Here are a few of your stats from the past...

@ 6 months:
27.75" (Off charts)  18 lbs 5 oz (85%)

@ 4 months;
I don't know!! Can't find paperwork :)

@ 2 months
24.5" (97%)  14 lbs 13 oz (93%)

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