Thursday, March 7, 2013

Double the fun

We made it to Van Andel area twice within the same week! The first was to take Ellie to see Disney on Ice.

She was soooo excited and kept talking about frozen Disney for a week leading up to it. Grandma Mars and Grandma Bailey also attended, along with Daddy.

She seemed pretty overwhelmed for the first half, but was laughing and smiling during the second half. Maybe it was the popcorn?

Kyla stayed at home with grandpa.

I teared up a little during "can you feel the love tonight?"

Then a few short days later Scott and I were young and strong and running against the wind! We spontaneously snatched up some Bob Seger 11th row floor tickets that were just released.

 It was even a work night! We started off the evening with some 1/2 lb cow burgers at Stella's and then waddled over to the arena. I caught a glimpse of what I'm going to look like in 30 (ok maybe 10-20) years going to Brad Paisley concerts as we were definitely on the younger spectrum of the crowd. It was SUCH a great show though. So many great songs. I can't believe he is 68!

He was jamming and going through so many sweat bands :)
I tried not to cry to much, but hey, it is Bob Seger.

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