Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kyla - 4 months!

Our bald beauty is 4 months old! She is 25.5" (89%) and 14.5 lbs (70%). Long and skinny, just like her sister! Here are a few things she has been up to.
  • Working on lots of teeth. Her two bottom broke through right at 3 months.
  • Lots of smiles. All the time.
  • Laughs. Especially at her big sister when Ellie jumps around all over the house or touches Kyla's feet.
  • Cries at grandma B (sorry mom!)
  • Slightly enjoying tummy time more. She'll hang out for a few minutes before flipping back over or fussing.
  • Rolls over both ways
  • Likes to stand supported
  • GREAT sleeper. 8-12 hours per night FOR NOW. Tonight may be another story.
  • Likes her exersaucer
I have a feeling this one is going to be on the move much earlier than her sister. Kyla was pretty quick to roll over and she even tries to scoot forward while on her tummy. Sometimes she gets up on her knees, pushes, and face plants across the floor. She is such a little joy though. So happy and smiley and easy going... Except for with my mom (haha mom). We just love her to pieces!

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