Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kyla - 1 week!

What you looking at?  Trying to count my chins???

Always a Tiger!
It's hard to believe it has been over 1 week since Kyla was born!  It has been flying by, especially since she has been such a good baby. Though whoever said that babies sleep those first two days has not met Miss Kyla. She ate constantly. Feed me, hold me, feed me, hold me... over and over again.  Our first day home was the same story, only she REALLY wanted to be held, all the time, making that first night home really rough.  I was up the majority of the night...feeding and holding!  Gradually, she's let us put her down more and more but the feedings are still constant.  Sometimes I need to close up shop for a half hour just because I said so.  She's not happy about it.  Anyway, we are totally in love with her and now I know that it is possible to love two children endlessly (I had my doubts before).  Here are some things about her:
  • Did I say she LOVES to eat? As of Monday, 5 days after she was born, she was only 4 oz under her birth weight. The pediatrician was impressed.
  • She has daddy's blue eyes for now, but they're dark and should turn brown soon. I continue to pollute the blue eyed population on Scott's side
  • She has a mono dimple, like her mom, only on her right cheek
  • When not eating, she likes to be sleeping. She sleeps way more than Ellie did at this age. She'll sleep a couple of good stretches at night too. What a good girl!

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