Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some updates

It seems so weird to say we have a two year old!  I stopped counting by months and just say "she's two" or "she turned two in July" if someone asks me how old she is.  Momma has been very tired with this pregnancy, but things are going fine this time around and not as many complications as last time.  We've been very busy trying to get the house ready, work (Scott has been working mad crazy hours) and trying to keep up with a very moody, emotional, yet so sweet toddler.  Here are some things Ellie has been up to:
  • Screams THAT'S MINE! all the time.  All the time...
  • Adores her Tiger monkey, takes it everywhere, reads to it, dances with it, etc
  • Pees on the potty at daycare but refuses to at home
  • Demands certain outfits, shoes, and hair accessories
  • Had a blast at critter barn and just adores animals
  • Got stuck up at the top of McDonald's play land. Had to have some little kids get her down since I'm too pregnant to get her down.  The first boy said "she wouldn't listen to me" but a different girl got her to go down the slide on her lap.  Ellie thought it was hilarious.
  • Says "I sorry" so sweetly if she thinks she did something wrong.
  • Also says "Momma is a big girl" (when she walks in on me in the bathroom), "Ima gonna getcha" (this is when SHE wants to be chased, "Ellie's happy," "Grammas pool is cold," "I love you more," "I love you mommy (or daddy)."  and many many other things. Sometimes combines up to 5 words
  • Really likes to say "I'm scared" and tremble and shake.  Can't figure out this one but she'll say she is scared of the light or something else weird.
  • Knows circle, square, rectangle, star, cross
  • Asks a ton of questions like "whats that noise?" and "what's that?"
  • Sometimes counts to 20
  • Avoids sleep by asking for a ton of things
  • Sleeps horribly, always something new in this department.
  • Sings along with songs.  She can sing the whole ABC and twinkle twinkle little star song. Knows a good portion of Old McDonald, I'm a little teapot, and Jesus loves me.  Also busts out with songs that she must be learning at daycare because I've never heard of them
  • Still loves dancing
Here are some pics!  Not too shabby eh?

I didn't post her 2 year stats last time.  They were 25.5 lbs (33%) and 35.5" (80%).  She wasn't supposed to have a shot, but they messed something up with a previous vaccine, so it was another appointment filled with tears and heartache. 

Also I'd like to give a shout out to the Tigers!!!  Go Tigers!!! Keep it up. I'm telling my unborn child that her birth year will be the year they take the division!!!

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