Monday, May 2, 2011

Latest Happenings

I love to ride horsies
I can't believe Miss Ellie is almost 22 months old. 

Here are some things she has been up to:

Counting - she counts fairly well up to 5 and sometimes can go up to 10.  Her favorite number is 6, so sometimes she likes to say 6 over and over instead of going further and also argue with us that a 9 is really a 6.  She usually wins this argument.

Colors - She knows most colors and will now point them out as she sees them.  We are still working on mother of pearl.
Random picture of me chasing butterfly

Repeating - She'll repeat almost anything.  Tonight she said Tye Cobb, Georgia Peach, and Ernie Harwell. 

Eating - She is finally eating well.  3 full meals a day and lots of snacks.  She's even fond of her veggies and asked for 2 servings of peas as her bedtime snack last night.

Ok, maybe not eating but potatoes are great for the skin!

Shapes - Getting better with shapes. She knows star, circle, and square.  Working on hexagon =)

Sings - Loves singing.  Her favorites are ABCs, Old King Cole, and Take me out to the Ball Game.  Daddy can't get away with singing Old King Cole less than 15 times per sitting.

Sleeping - Nothing to brag about in this department. She had been sleeping well and then starting waking up insanely early (5 am) and then she added some middle of the night wake up sessions to the craziness.  We are slightly more under control now by pushing her bedtime back, but she still struggles to go down and would love to be held until she fell asleep.  We're trying not to go there, but some nights we give in.
I'm so cute. Don't mind my shinner on my head!

Sharing - Lots of room for improvement in this category.  Help please!

Easter - We had a great Easter sharing baskets, going to church, and spending time with family

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