Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick Kiddo

Last week was a bad week.  Ellie started off very cranky with a 103 degree fever.  Scott stayed home with her and took her to the doctor.  Dr said "oh, its probably a virus" but being the great doctor that he is, tested her for flu and gave her a urine puck.  She didn't have the flu and she also didn't pee for the rest of the afternoon so we were unable to get the urine tested.  That evening, the fever spiked to 105.  We called the after hours nurse, dosed her up with ibuprofen, and waited for the call back.  After a series of questions, we were sent to the children's ER. 

It wasn't the most pleasant experience.  Ellie cried when anyone touched her and we had to wait for awhile.  After many times asking, they tested her urine and she did have a UTI.  They gave us a liquid antibiotic, which she immediately spit out but they just said to "keep trying."  The next day I got her to take a couple doses by mixing with ice cream, but by the evening she stopped eating and drinking and still had the fever.  The next morning, I took her back to the doctors as soon as they'd let me in the building.  The doctor was very concerned and gave her the first round of antibiotic shots. He said she had to start eating that day and the fever had to get below 101, or we needed to call back the next day but plan on going to the hospital.  That evening, the fever was still 103 so we all went to bed early and braced for the next day of being at the hospital.  Thankfully she slept 14 hours and woke up with a 99.5 fever and a slight appetite.  Throughout the day she ate and drank more, so we were out of the danger zone.  She's gone back for 2 more shots and she is a whole new baby!  In two more weeks we need to get her blood tested to make sure everything is working ok and she might have to see a kidney specialist because a majority of kids who get UTIs at this age have an underlying issue.  We're sooo happy she is feeling better for now!

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