Thursday, November 18, 2010

You brush mine I'll brush yours

At 17 months Ellie is all kinds of cuteness.  This is what she's been up to:

  • Putting her teddy bears and baby in the highchair, feeding them cheerios while saying "nom nom" and teaching them the sign for "more"
  • Hugging and twirling her baby in the middle of the room and then falling over because she is too dizzy
  • Bringing me her coat and shoes and saying "buy bye" - wants to get out of the house more!
  • Showing people where their nose, eyes, and ears are located.  She also knows head, mouth, tongue, chin, knees, and toes
  • Enthusiastically answering questions with head shakes and nods, though sometimes she doesn't pick the right one.  She absolutely knows the answer to "do you want to eat?"  Um -YES!!
  • Playing in the sandbox at daycare. She throws a fit when it is time to go inside.
  • Throwing fits in general. Mostly when I pick her up or when I don't pick her up.
  • Switching her toys to the Spanish settings. Screaming when we change them to English.
  • Playing hide and seek and peekaboo around the hallway corner and island. She loves to be chased.
  • Brushing her teeth and brushing ours.
  • Calling random numbers on the phone and screaming "HI!" and jabbering.
  • Singing La da da.

Some of her favorites words these days: Melmo (elmo), wow, hot, nose, ears, eyes, poop, baby, bye bye, hi, no-no, woof, moooooooooooom

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