Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Times

Oh, the dreaded hill. The full sun - composed of clay - half of my yard – invaded with weeds - that sucks up all of my free time hill. If it wasn’t for you, surely I’d have more time for blogging! The marzes have been BUSY! With Ellie’s birthday around the corner, we’ve been spending a lot of our time trying to make our awful yard more presentable and the inside more organized. We still have things stacked in random places from our move FOUR YEARS AGO. If you're buying a house, do not buy a bi-level. No storage! That is, unless you want to buy our house so we can get the heck outa here.

On to more exciting news! Ellie has been doing the most adorable things lately. She says momma all the time, in addition to ut-oh, dada, kaka (cookie monster), gaga (Odie). She copies a lot of noises (stop swearing all the time Scott) and actions. Sometimes she'll "wisper speak" and say all of these sound combinations, but in a very soft sweet voice. Other times she'll yell with tons of animation in her face and look at you like you know exactly what she is talking about. She fake sneezes - super cute and kisses while saying "muah." She loves to look at pictures, especially her own baby pictures and pictures of Jamaica. She likes "reading" and she'll turn the pages at the right time. She also likes to flip through books on her own while hanging out on the floor. She's a horrible eater and won't touch anything chunky. She's sticking with baby fruits, veggies, yogurt,and cereal and gags at everything else. Oh, she does love her cheerios, but recently discovered it is equally as fun to feed them to Odie. Odie is her favorite and she can't contain herself when she sees him. She kicks her legs, thrashes around, and smiles or giggles. If only she'd react that way to us!

She's crawling all around and pulls up on everything and everyone. She loves walking while you hold both of ther hands. She'll occasionally go in her jumper or pack and play, but prefers to crawl around. She loves to play and crawl around with her owl in her mouth
She still has a sweet little disposition for the most part and only occasionally protests when we take something away from her, or move her from getting into some place she shouldn't be. I can't believe how much she has changed in the last few weeks!

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  1. I can't believe it's coming up on her birthday! Great post and great pics...what a little cutie!